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VRW Designs.
Apparel With A Cause.


I created VRW Designs to help spread awareness and build support for the dyslexia community.  For many years I did not know what exactly I struggled with and I thought that because I could not spell or read as well as my other classmates something was wrong with me or I was not as smart as my peers. As you can imagine this created anxiety for me which affected my ability to learn.  


My diagnoses in the 8th grade helped me understand the root of my challenges and started me on the path to finding strategies to overcome them. A few years later I worked up the courage to enroll in AP Composition and one of my first papers was, “Dyslexia a Blessing or a Curse?” Then, a few weeks later I saw a TikTok about Gavin Newsom who was writing his own book called  Ben and Emma's Big Hit which sprang from his own childhood struggles with dyslexia. 


This made me realize that I could also do something to make an impact. Why not? The name of my business, VRW, (my initials spelled backward) signifies the type of daily challenges I and people with dyslexia struggle with.  


Hopefully, my company and its products help you or someone you know realize that they are not alone and do not need to feel embarrassed by a learning disability or anything else that happens to be a challenge.

To help others going through the same situation 15% of the profits will be donated to the Dyslexia Services Foundation which if you click here you can find more information about.


And this is just the beginning, I will be adding more items and finding new ways to raise awareness and help support the dyslexia community. Stay tuned.

Whitney Ryan Violette

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